German courses for self-payers and integration courses
Unemployed with unemployment benefit II (SGB II)
Welfare recipients with income support SGB XII
literacy courses
Basic and advanced courses (B1)
Intermediate (B2), DSH, TestDaf, studied college exam
naturalization test
orientation test
For applications from abroad
1.20 € per lesson
2.60 € per lesson
2.54 € per lesson
2.54 € per lesson
25.00 €
5.00 €
78.65 €
30.00 € management fee
4.00 € per lesson
4.00 € per lesson
4.00 € per lesson
4.00 € per lesson

literacy courses
Basic courses                                                                                                                        Advanced courses                                                                                                      
Orientation Course
Intermediate / DSH / TestDaF / college degree
Intermediate I (B2)                                                                                                            A1-Test                                                                                                                                    B2-Test

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Other Services
In addition to language courses, we offer a whole range of other services. The level of fees depends on the extent of services that students want to take the future student to complete.
Please note that the course fee varies, depending on whether the application is made abroad or in Germany. As cause considerable added expense foreign applications, is an administrative fee of 30.00 to be expected.

Regular tutoring hours and study advice:

The tutors study hours and consultations take place once a week in small groups so that individual counseling should be ensured. The advice includes help in selecting the study area and possibly also of the discipline and accompanying advice and assistance with the application procedure, etc.

150.00 € per course
Pick up and transfer from airport to Kassel:

The amount of the cost of airport transfer depends on which airport you arrive at and how long the waiting time for flight delays is.

130.00 € (or more)
Convey an apartment or other accommodation:

With this service we provide you a
pre-accommodation in which you can move in after your arrival. We certainly try to find a accommodation, but of course can not guarantee! You may choose whether to keep the pre-accommodation or whether you want to move, if you want to pick a own apartment. The level of service cost depends on the amount of work.
50.00 € - 150.00 €
Assistance with the necessary administrative paperwork:

The assistance includes especially the first few weeks after entering the country and includes, for example, the formalities for applying for a residence permit or visa extension, the support for opening an account and
registration, help with buying insurance and more.
100.00 €